[Request] Upgrade Gigabyte H110M-DS2 bios with latest security updates

Hello everyone. I need someone to help me upgrade this bios with the latest Intel CSME firmware and CPU microcodes for most security and performance. I tried doing it myself but it’s way too complicating for me. Thanks.

BIOS link

This is user work on the machine itself.

Get UBU or MMtool for mcodes update
Get Intel ME11 tools package and latest FW 11.8

Perform a valid bios backup to preserve system data in case of system failure.
Follow the guides and post issues for help.




EDIT: Glad you made it, all it takes is a little of your time and a learning lesson from good readings.

There is no such thing as 'secure" and such paranoia can damage your brain.
The only thing that comes to my mind is a steel locker, buried int he ground as optional, and all plugs out, cheers :upside_down_face:

I successfully updated the microcodes using UBU and the Intel CSME firmware using FWUpdLcl64 and the latest bin file from the mega link. Do you have any other suggestions I can do to secure the machine further?

Is there any way to “factory reset” the Intel CSME on this machine without any external hardware? and also disable some of it’s features that I don’t use?