[Request] Where should I INPUT my MAC address?

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I have really found a lot of useful information within this forum, especially @Lost_N_BIOS ’ guides and answers, but sadly it seems that at this point I have to reach out for help:
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Quick flashback:
Around 15 days ago I got notified that a pending Firmware update was available. Update finished and got asked for a reboot. Once rebooted I briefly saw the GIGABYTE logo but then disappeared shortly after, monitor turned off and fans kept spinning. 3 hours later nothing had changed. Somehow my BIOS got bricked.

Here’s more detail about all my troubleshooting tests, including a video, if anyone is interested, but frankly this is old stuff by now… (link): reddit.com/r/pchelp/comments/rjta5w/corrupted_bios_bench_test_unsuccessful/

Yesterday I finally got a BLUE EDITION CH341A Programmer and a CHIP CLIP.
I successfully extracted the CORRUPTED bios .bin file, attached here (link): mediafire.com/file/6epgcpwo6b1czha/corrupt11.Bin/file
I was hoping to be able to find my MAC address and my MOBO’s serial number location within the corrupted BIOS file but I can’t find anything using a HEX editor.

I have attached a screenshot, comparing a freshly downloaded BIOS update file (v.F25) from the official website, with the CORRUPTED BIOS file. As you can see, the location where the MAC address should supposedly be is not-existent within the corrupted BIOS file. Couldn’t find it using the Search option. I have no idea on how I should input my MAC address on the fresh file because I have no reference.


I do not know which BIOS version I was running before, however I already know both my MAC address and Mobo’s SN thanks to the external labels.
Here’s a .txt document with the codes (link): mediafire.com/file/5olofj9v0heg21z/MAC_and_SN.txt/file

I’d like to input my MAC and SN and all related/needed additional info, in the freshly downloaded BIOS update file from the official GIGABYTE site, using a HEX editor. The issue is that I do not know the location where I have to insert them since I can’t even refer to the old BIOS.

If someone with more experience would like to insert the needed data in a clear official BIOS version for me instead, that would be really helpful!
Here’s the official GIGABYTE website, including all available and downloadable BIOS versions (link): gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H110M-S2H-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios
The version that I want to flash into the BIOS chip is the F25. But if there are issues I could also use any other version as long as it works.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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Not much help…

There seems to be nothing left od your bios except for first NVRAM maybe, at least Stddef is identical to F3 bios. There are some Gigabyte H110 dumps accessible, H110M-DS2 and H110M-H whcih one could compare to corresponding stock bios. There’s somthing wriiten to SMBiosFlashData, but 1.) it’s the same for both boards and 2.) there can’t be reconstructed a MAC out of it that belongs to Gigabyte (https://maclookup.app/vendors/giga-byte-technology-co-ltd)


The other region there’s a difference to stock is the Raw region in 12FD2744-8332-4A87-B220-1EFACC7D6ED7


I think both regions are impossible to reconstruct in addition they seem to be in protected ranges. I’d flash a stock F4 bios and see what’s missing, Last possibility would be to take NVRAM from you dump and hope that there’s some information left in it, but I doubt it!