[Request] Which Kingston SSD model do you recommend?

Hello everyone!

My question is in subject,
give me some clues ontopic

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@Qullier : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

To be honest I don’t think, that this Forum is the best location for your request.
It wold be better to read Reviews and test reports about Kingston SSDs.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: Since your chosen thread title was too long, I have shortened it.

Yep, I think you are right, but on the other hand I want to know some average values of SSD lifetime and perfomance: 100Tb resource of data written is enough or not for regular consumer’s SSD for its lifetime?

Hello quiller,

As Fernando aleady said, this forum probably isn’t the right place for something like this.

You are looking for something like"geizhals.eu"
In there you can set all the criteria you want to search for.

my preverence if i would want to buy a ssd would be:

M2.pcie (nvme) and not sata interface
Pci gen 3 is plenty enough quedepth and iops dont change much with gen4 and future gen5
Dont take a ssd with qlc if you want to have something that lasts
Go for mlc or tlc maybe slc as writbuffering
Go with known brands samsung,adata,crucial,corsair,sandisk i would prefere
If tbw is shown 800+ as minimum so it would be long obsolete before a normal user gets problems
Readspeed 2.8gb+
Writespeed 2.4gb+
Modulesize > nowerdays nothing smaller than 480gb i would even consider buying

This i would set as search criteria.
Take from the results what you like best

With sata interface the only one from kingston that have a good quality components is the model kc600.