[Request] Which NVMe driver for ADATA XPG?

Hello All!
First post here. A friend of mine recommended I come here just to double check a few things. Though, he specifically mentioned the Recommended AHCI NVMe drivers thread. I didn’t feel comfortable posting that all there, so please move this if this is the wrong section. I just got my first NVME (my 3 10 year old Corsair Neutron SATA drives are starting to retire sectors).

About my setup. I’m on an AMD Ryzen 1800X System with an ASUS X370-F Gaming Motherboard, the SSD I just got is an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB model. I want to integrate these into my new custom Windows install image so I’ll need .inf’s.
The latest SATA RAID drivers listed on my motherboard’s page are
AMD RAID driver V9.3.0.38 For Windows 10 64-bit from 08/07/2020

From looking around and also at the Recommended NVME drivers thread would it be ok for me to use the ones listed on the Recommended NVME drivers page, they’re apparently a month newer.
Would the AMD drivers be all I need or should I try the modded Samsung one?

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Like many other models/manufacturers, your ADATA doesn’t have a specific NVMe driver provided by ADATA. It uses the generic MS driver from OS.
But this i bet u already know…so no NVMe driver can’t be “invented” here for users, when not even from the manufacturer it exists.
This doesn’t mean that the performance of the NVMe drive could be worst or better using the generic, but feel free to engage in new adventurers.
RAID drivers itself, (Software managers can manage still) will impact RAID configurations, not even SATA as a single NVMe drive as long as it uses PCIe bus.
U should have a look on AMD StorageMI.

Fernando’s guidance in his topic is the best orientation that u can get.