[Request] Win7 Preinstall Storage driver for Dell 3501

Hi, please help me to find Dell 3501 Windows 7 Preinstall AHCI or Raid driver. I found Windows 7 with usb3 support, but cant find correct preinstall driver to install it correctly.

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Since Win7 is an outdated OS, I have moved your request into the "Windows 7" Sub-Forum.

To be able to help you, we need to know the manufacturer and - if possible - the HardwareIDs of the on-board SATA Controller.
As first step you hould tell us, whether the SATA ports of your Dell PC are running in AHCI or RAID mode. You can check it by entering the BIOS and looking into the "Storage Controllers" section.
If you are currently running any Windows OS on your Dell system, please run the Device Manager, expand the sections "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and - if applicable - "Storage Controllers" and look for the Controller names you will find within them.

By the way - Dell has never built own AHCI or RAID drivers. Win7 has a generic n MS in-box AHCI driver, which supports all AHCI Controllers.
You will only need a pre-install driver, if
a) the on-board SATA Controller is running in RAID mode and
b) the on-board RAID Controller is not supported by the Win7 in-box drivers.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you for quick response. I looked at bios information, did not find controller. I will install Windows 11 and write here.

But the device is BC511 NVMe SK hynix 256gb

Its NVMe Controller needs an NVMe driver and cannot work with any SATA AHCI or RAID driver.
You will have to integrate the MS NVMe Hotfixes for Win7 into the Win7 ISO file. You can find the download link >here<.

@famil83 : Since it seems now, that you are searching for an NVMe driver (and not for an AHCI or RAID driver, I have moved the thread into the "Storage Drivers" Sub-Forum.
This will make it easier for you and for everyone else with a similar request.


This is id of controller.

I tried all drivers in forum. But they are not working, Can anyone help me which driver exactly i can use and it must in AHCI or Raid mode?

@famil83 :
You have to use an Intel RST driver. Since the Intel Controller is running in RAID mode, the related INF file for the installation is named iaStorAC.inf.
The latest Intel RST driver, which supports Windows 7, is v15.9.x.xxxx.
Which is the exact name of the Intel Controller (look into the "Storage Controllers" section of the Device Manager).?
I am very unsure, whether you will be able to get Win7 properly installed onto your modern system, which requires an Intel RST driver (a normal NVMe driver will not be accepted by the latest Intel chipsets).

I have been installed Windows 11. Its name is Intel Chipset Sata/PCIe RST Premium Controller. I found this link, but first driver did not work.


If the 64bit Intel RST driver v15.9.8.1050 WHQL should not detect the NVMe Controller of the SSD, I recommend to do the following:
1. Enter the BIOS and look for the SATA/Storage Controller Settings.
2. If possible, set the SATA mode to "AHCI" and save this BIOS Setting.
3. Provided, that you have already integrated the NVMe Hotfixes into the boot.wim and install.wim of your desired Win7 Image, try to get the OS installed.
4. If the Win7 installation should fail again, enter the BIOS, take a screenshot (F12) of the related BIOS options and settings and post the picture.

I have NVMe integrated Windows 7 ISO, i installed it in AHCI mode. After first restart within installation, Windows does not start.

@famil83 :
Although you still cannot boot into Win7, the test result is promising, because the Win7 Setup obviously has detected the NVMe SSD as target drive and copied the required OS data onto it.
Maybe the problem can be solved by clearing CMOS or a customized BIOS setting.
1. Clear CMOS
2. Power on the PC, enter the BIOS, set everything to "DEFAULT", make sure, that the SATA Controller is running in "AHCI" mode and save it.
3. Try to boot into Win7 again.

Ok, thanks i will try again.