[REQUEST] Z170N-Gaming 5 CoffeeLake BIOS (9900K)

Hi, I’ve got a 9900K and this board lying around that I’d like to use together. I’ve done the pin mod and made multiple attempts to use CoffeeTime on this before flashing with a SOIC clip, but for some reason it refuses to boot. If anyone could make a proper 9900K BIOS for this I’d be grateful! BIOS Download

Try this mod for 9900K, CPUID 906ED

Booting successfully with this BIOS using a 6600, but unable to boot with the 9900K or 9600K. System resets 5 times, then fan spins and won’t POST. Does this sound like a SKTOCC issue?

Edit: Nevermind, this board needed more pins masked. Working great now. It was probably resetting due to short circuit protection.

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Here’s my working pinmod.

Flashed successfully with Intel FPT.

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@Synthax Nice work!

Be careful and monitor your VRM temps, they will get very hot when you put load on all cores for a significant amount of time (even less than 5 minutes) and may fail.

You may want to limit CPU frequency when using all cores or alternatively use PL3 TDP limit to set the Package Power Limit to ~50W or so.