[Request] z390 aorus elite (hpet off)

Hallo , can someone please upload for me f9 or f10 custom bios with hard hpet off , i saw on some topic one link ,but unfortunaly link is dead , big thanks if someone could and regards .

nobody can help ?=(


If there nobody can help you out ,let me give you a hand.
Below is some stuffs you need to realize and i also need some extra information to assist me to edit bios.

1. The mod bios need to reflash via a modified Efiflash ,you could
find it in this thread.

2. Please capture screenshots from
a)Settings >Platform Power
b)Settings >IO Port
c)Settings >Miscellaneous

It might to swap some original options to some options you need ,so i need its capture photos. I’m gonna edit bois of version f10h.

Hallo @genius239 ,big thanks to you for trying to help me , here are my screenshots from bios ,





Hi~try this mod and respond to the result.

After you flashing it successfully ,please compare what difference under “IO Port” than before and capture screen again ,thanks.

@genius239 , hey , i flashed your mod ,now it looks like this ,


Ok~it’s great ,but i ignore one byte in hex edit so you can’t go into menu “PCH-IO Configuration” ,now flash no2 mod and tell me the result.

@genius239 , Hey , i flash no2 mod , now i can change hpet and even many more settings , thank you very much for your help,you are the best man^^ Now i go test it .

Now capture a screen under PCH-IO Configuration again , i need to check some things.

@genius239 ,here are your requested screenschots ,Regards



Could U share this mod please …
@scr1mka I’ve same pc and i woulf try it , it’s possible ?
Thank forever


click here

Super ^^^ , million thank !

EDIT: Nevermind, right after i posted my question it went like a rocket and succeeded! Thanks for ur Work anyway!

Hey Guys!
i have tried it by myself with the efiflash_v0.85_mod.exe.
But it is super slow.
The first 10% were fast, but after more than 20 minutes it is only at 13.47% writing BIOS.
Is this normal, or is v0.85 efiflash wrong for the z390 Aorus elite?

Just for info:
i have bootet on free dos stick and renamed the efiflash_v0.85_mod.exe to efiflash.exe…
Then i’ve typed
efiflash.exe Z390AE.10h

Should i just wait, or should i recover via backup bios and flash with another efiflash version?

But it is definitely not stuck. Its now on 15.06%

Thanks in advance!

how long did it take you to write the bios, the same thing is happening to me, it takes a long time

I installed this bios on previous versions, but now it fails. is it possible to bypass the restriction on installing the previous bios F10?

it’s in the bios description on official gigabyte support page:
“Customers will NOT be able to reverse to previous BIOS version due to major vulnerabilities concerns.”

Or maybe someone can mod F10 bios?