[Request] ZOTAC MAGNUS ER51070 unlocked BIOS

I really would appreciate help for my small form factor PC: Zotac Magnus ER51070, A320 chipset reported by CPU-Z

It would be great if somebody can unlock the BIOS, because very basic settings like Voltage-control or multiplicator etc are just missing and any tuning utility like Ryzen Master / Controller just doesnt work.
Even better would be if someone could “update” the AGESA (currently “SummitPI-AM4”) to support newer ryzens, because basicly I think the chipset is capeable but Zotac didnt Update the AGESA, so only Summit Ridge support :frowning:

Why do I need this?
The device is really great and super small, but its cpu performance was a little outdated for newer titles, so I upgraded the CPU from RYZEN 1400 to R7 1700.
It works pretty well, but the Temps are easily hitting 82 degree celsius and I am looking for a way to lower the temps.
Changing the clock speed, limiting the max power of the chip and undervolt should be sufficient. - or maybe with newer AGESA an upgrade tob a lower heat ryzen 3600 would turn this PC in the best machine in the world
Latest stock bios is attached (as ZIP, the original ROM file 6mb was to large to upload)

Thank you in advance!

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pb358ER51070 (1).zip (5.08 MB)