[Request] Zotac Magnus One - adding Rocket Lake support

Hey all,

Would anyone be willing to inject Rocket Lake microcode into a bios for the new Zotac Magnus One.
The Magnus has a H470 chipset so it is compatible with Rocket Lake, however Zotac have not yet created a SKU with 11th gen CPU’s, therefore its not coded in the bios.
Link to bios: https://www.zotac.com/download/mediadriv…40ECM73070C.zip

I reached out to Zotac Support and this is the response I got:

Dear Sir,

The current models of Magnus One are using Intel 10th processor.
Basically, there is no CPU upgrade option for the Magnus One.
That should be no BIOS update for the CPU change.

I concur, please help

Use AMI Aptio MMTool V… this doesn’t mean that after mcode inserted, the 11Th gen will work.

EDIT: Well… a more professional only if he has an equal system that willing to risk the test, that ur not willing to, rigth!
Of course, u can always wait for a donor user… anyway, here’s the B440P009 with the A0670/1 mcodes in their latest version.
Try it on ur own risk if u have the knowledge/tools how to recover the system in case of failure, not responsible for any failure to the system, good luck.

Agree, just adding cpu microcode may not work as there are 4x CPU link attached for cpu pcie m.2 ssd.
Hope someone here more professional can do a test or help !