(Resolved, thanks though!)Help trying to fix my ME problem on Asus Rampage IV Formula X79

UPDATE: Well I went ahead and typed reflash, and it messed up. Now it turns on and off. I was about to order replacement bios chip that I noticed my mobo has a 2nd bios chip. Holy crap what a lifesaver. I then stumbled onto a thread how overclocking makes the ME corrupt itself so no more overclocking for me.

My ME got corrupted a year ago. Asus bios shows the ME Version as "N/A". This causes a longer boot time and ethernet to not work. A reboot usually gets ethernet working again but the problem is still there.I found a rough guide to fix it back then which was:
Download FTK8. Download latest bios. Rename .CAP to bios.bin.
1. fptw -d backup.bin
2. fd44cpr -n backup.bin bios.bin
3. fptw -rewrite -me -f bios.bin
I also updated the ME version to somewhere along the way.

The ME got corrupted again. This guide no longer works for me (or maybe I forgot a step). I now get a warning with fptw that says:
"Warning: Not all of the file data will be written to flash because
the file is longer than the flash area to be written to!
File: "bios.bin"
File Length: 1560576
Write Length: 1429504"

Can I ignore the error? Both the backup.bin and bios.bin are 8,388,608 bytes. Flashing the original .CAP bios through the asus bios does not fix the ME issue.

If it matters, I checked my backup.bin and it is on latest ME which is The original bios has version