[Resources] Generic socket 775 chinese motherboards - Xeon Mod Information (771 CPU)


This is my first thread in here, hope I’m posting in the right section.

There is a lot of brand-new chinese 775 Micro-ATX boards pops up now and then in various places, very tempting to order since they are new stock, and support DDR3 with Pci-e 1.1 X16 on a socket 775

They are produced on white-labelling process by Shenzhen Hongdafeng Electronics Co.Ltd at:

"Original" manufacturer website:

The default brand name and packaging that they get after fabrication is “Winfox”, owned by S.H.E.

Typical model on the board for the G41 + DDR3 combo is D-G41AGB3 V1.01, the model number it’s pretty much the same in all brands this board go to, it can be located in the top-right corner, next to the IDE connector
But there are some models with minor variations (Some with DDR2, some without PCIE, etc), those have different model numbers.

Typical Board Layout for the DDR3 - G41 combo:

Top-View of the board:

But this board ships with various brands featuring what essentially is the same board under different names:

Brazil PC (BPC)

Every brand tells different things about the specs of that board, some say Xeons works on it, some not.

From what I can gather, Xeon mod works on all boards. They ship with mostly Xeon Microcodes, but they aren’t updated. So you’ll need to biosmod to update the microcodes.
It’s important to notice that those boards have a very flawed documentation, in the sense that, their drivers are really hard to find apart from the disk, and as for the bios it’s almost impossible, took me three months to finally find a full version of the bios today.

Impressive enough, some of those boards also come with jumpers to change between a 771 or 775 CPU, but the instructions in the manual aren’t clear.

If you board has this jumper, and you wish to use a Xeon CPU, you need to set it 1 on 3 and 2 on 4, you Xeon CPU must have the “tabs” filed in order to fit in the socket, you can also remove the tabs from the motherboard with a razor. What this jumper does it’s essentially a pin mod without you need to fiddle around with a sticker, so you don’t need a pre-modded cpu (apart for the tab thing) pretty cool!

If you board does not have this jumper and your cpu is pre-modded, just pop inside the socket and update your microcodes and you should be golden.

Note: this board requires a full cmos clean (with the jumper) to detect new cpus.

Like I told before, the bios for this board is really hard to find, so, here are some mirrors from the bios i could find:

Bios file colletion (mostly are interchangable, do it at your own risk):

The microcodes in those bios can be updated with “MMTOOL_3.22_1B_21Fix-”, and the bios can be opened with AMIBCP_V3.37.exe

Kazuk G41 Bios (Tested this bios on my D-G41AGB3 V1.01, very simple bios without too much options, not sure why would anyone opt to it.):

ZEBRONICS D-G41AGB3 (Tested this bios on my D-G41AGB3 V1.01, very complete BIOS, fixed the audio issues i was having with my board.):

ENIGMA D-G41AGB3 Bios (Found this in the same place i found the zebronics one, haven’t tested it):

Well, hope to help someone who stumble upon this freak board

Thanks for this informational post, surely it will help others in the future sometime!!

My addition - The Zebronics BIOS looks to be more feature filled, but not sure what all is visible to user.
However, I mainly want to add here for others, the Zebronics BIOS offers "Headless mode" option, the Kazuk G41 does not (did not check others)

Yeah, it’s the most complete bios, i can see all the options when going to setup, it’s a really cool board from what it offers for the price, combine with with cheap ddr3 ram and a 771 xeon and you got a pretty modest gaming PC even for today standards, plus, with headless mode, you get a pretty decent server

I know that topic is litte old, but i need some help.
I have that same MB from the brand KAZUK, unafotunately i got my BIOS erased after a bad microcodes switch, and i got the installation error "CMOS Checksum Destroyed", i have the eeprom reprogrammer and do all the thing, but looks like the Firmware that you posted here has some issue. Where i can find a generic for that MB? i dont find it anywhere!

I apreciate if you guys give me some help.

Kind Regards!