Restore ME after flashing Dell Poweredge t40 into Precision 3630

Hello, I’d like to know if this guide can (potentially) help me with a problem, before spending time on it:
Guide-Clean-Dumped-Intel-Engine-CS-ME-CS-TXE-Regions-with-Data-Initialization (I cannot put links on my posts, because I’m a new user)

The problem:
I successfully flashed a Precision 3630 BIOS on my Dell Poweredge t40, and I can now use the nvme (which is blocked by software on the t40).

It’s OK, except for three things:
* It takes exactly 1 minute to boot into the BIOS, after that it goes smooth
* The MEI module is no longer loaded on linux
* MEInfo shows no information.

I have backup dumps from the T40 and the current BIOS (Precision 3630).

Should I follow the guide above to restore the ME functionality? Should I try to extract something from the t40 image and try to flash that? Should I go directly to the guide?
I have a CH341A flasher, so I can flash directly on hardware without going through the FPT tool on FreeDOS (I only have linux and it refuses to read anything there, I have to boot with FreeDOS to get it to work)

This is the first time I fight the ME, so I’d like to know if I’m on the right track.

Here is the MEAnalizer output from the current (Precision 3630) BIOS:

Thank you very much.

as a final question. I’m able to dump the bios through FPT with FreeDOS, but -greset actually resets the machine instantly. I only saw this behavior when trying to dump the bios with all security options I could find on the BIOS settings enable. After I disabled all the options the dump worked, but issuing fpt -greset does nothing and restarts the machine as soon as I press enter.

I followed the guide step by step, and it’s fixed!

The system boots instantly, I no longer get a lot of error on the kernel logs, AND the “mei” module is loaded.

As a bonus: doing the bios upgrade also upgraded ME to the latest available version and confirmed the upgrade was successful.

For anyone swapping the Poweredge t40 for the Precision 3630 BIOS: remember to follow the guide above replacing the “ME Sub partition.bin” of the BIOS dump (inside the Flash Image Tool) with, and rebuild the image before flashing it. After that fpt -greset and you are good to go.

I need flashing Bios DELL T40 to a Precision 3630, you have T40 security dump and the new dump 3630 ? that you can provide me.
Where I get Guide-Clean-Dumped-Intel-Engine-CS-ME-CS-TXE-Regions-with-Data-Initialization

Dump isp/Bios Precision 3630 ? shared me