Reversing the effects of Dell PS_ID power adapter not recognized through BIOS modding

The PS_ID checking in dell notebooks has been a serious problem for a very long time. Basically the central pin in the power adapters is the pin that detects if the power adapter is a dell power adapter or not. And if its not, then mostly two major changes to the system are seen:

  1. The CPU is throttled as a very low frequency level like 200Mhz or 400Mhz.
  2. The dedicated GPU is also throttled and fixed to a low frequency of 300Mhz.

Of these two, the first one can be effectively reversed by using msr-tools from intel and reading the MSR register and subtracting one from the read value and writing it back to the MSR register.
However, till date I couldn’t find any way to reverse the GPU throttle.

I have came across numerous hardware hacks that modify the power adapter in order to provide a particular constant voltage to the central pin so that the BIOS thinks that a Dell power adapter is being used. However, I think software based or BIOS based hacks are more accessible to people without special equipments.

It has been confirmed by some Dell engineers that the throttling is unnecessary and is indeed controlled by the Dell BIOS. So, is there any way that I am unaware of how to prevent GPU throttling?

Some system specific information:

Dell Inspiron 5559 (06B2)
width: 64 bits
SMBIOS version 2.8,
DMI version 2.8,
Symmetric Multi-Processing,
32-bit processes
sku: 06B2

vendor: Dell Inc.
version: 1.9.0
size: 64KiB
capacity: 16MiB
PCI bus, Plug-and-Play, BIOS EEPROM can be upgraded, BIOS shadowing, Booting from CD-ROM/DVD, Selectable boot path, Enhanced Disk Drive extensions, 5.25" 1.2MB floppy, 3.5" 720KB floppy, 3.5" 2.88MB floppy, Print Screen key, i8042 keyboard controller, INT14 serial line control, INT17 printer control, ACPI, USB legacy emulation, Smart battery, BIOS boot specification, Function-key initiated network service boot, UEFI specification is supported

Also, I can provide the BIOS rom dump if anyone is interested and please ask for anything more you need :slight_smile: Also discussions on this are welcome.