RGB Firmware Update on Gigabyte x570


I would like to know if it is possible to update the firmware of the RGB controller on a x570 Aorus motherboard? Is it a separate chip on the board or is it updated with an UEFI update?

If there is a standalone firmware update, could you point me to a source? Today I had a brain fart and startet the ASrock PolychromeRGB software on a gigabyte board (was at the wrong PC and did not realise it). It resultet in an immediate cold boot and several PC restarts, like after a complete cmos reset. To my knowledge, the ASrock software also updates the RGB controller, so not sure if it broke something or not and if the controllers of both boards are even compatible.

ATM everything seems to be working again, but I would like to be sure.

If the RGB firmware is part of the UEFI, I could just do a clear cmos and reinstall the current bios, but if it is separate from the UEFI, I would need a standalone update.