Ricoh P3500m, ATA Password, efi setup not possible.


quick info: Ricoh P3500m is a teleconference device based on pc hardware -3rd gen i5 with win7 embeded on removable msata drive.
Full bios image dumped via programmer.

Msata drive is ata password protected. This protection is removed by efi automaticaly during boot -password is stored in bios.
Setup is unacessible, pressing f2 does nothing, same f9 for boot menu.

Removing msata drive causes “error 200” during boot and next, after pressing any button efi watchdog module kills power.
Putting other unlocked drive causes “error 500” i think bios is trying to unlock unlocked drive.

I found ATA password with uefitool -EVSA_entry_Data_EE01DE12-CC54-4579-EAA6-9C448D0C57FF_HddPassword_body
but, must wait for msata-sata converter to check it.

I am asking for help with unlocking bios setup access and removing autounlock ata password module from bios.
I don’t know where to start in uefitool.

RICOH (2.2 MB) (313 Bytes)