Rollback to the previous insydeH20 bios. HP laptop.

Hp 15-n058sr
Board_ID: 2164

After updating bios from stock F.60 to the newest F.72 I encountered dozen of problems. Some are:
- laptop doesn’t wake up from sleep (needs to be restarted) - win 8
- laptop doesn’t turn off - stays on with black screen after shutting down initiated and can only be turned off by long pressing power button - win 8
- freezes after 5 to 10 minutes since startup - win 10

Tried to rollback to the previous versions available at (F.66 and F.67) using Windows and DOS H20 soft - nothing helped. Changed bios version from F.66 and F.67 to F.73 (to be greater than the installed one) and got “bios corrupted or digital signing error” when updating via insydeflash (even after editing platform.ini file) and “bios can’t be opened” via win+b during startup.

I read that zeca123 with the help of Lost_N_Bios successfully downgraded to a moded bios file via win+b during startup.

So I’m kindly asking for any help to rollback my laptop bios.

P.S.: if I press f2 during startup I don’t have any option to rollback bios to the previous version.