RSTe ROM help


I have an ongoing thread at sevenforums concerning my MSI Big Bang II (WIN7 SP1) X79 Build and BSODs related to the Intel RSTe 3.5 ROM/Drivers

During my MB bios update tonight my Intel RSTe Rom was updated to
I am hoping this may resolve my problems but I’m not sure what drivers I should be running with the new ROM.
I spent so much time and money on this amazing machine, only to get back frustration and sadness.
I can’t thank you enough for your help.

FYI- I finished my X79 machine a few months ago and have been plagued by BSOD’s (about 1 a week)
Originally I had it set to RST( 11.6) mode and that seemed very unstable. switched to RSTe (3.5) and it much approved except for the weekly BSOD.
I am running an SSD as my System drive and a 2 Drive Raid for storage. (ran trimcheck program and it is working for the SSD).

@ deviltronix:

Hello Rick,
welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Although I am not sure, that it will solve your BSOD problem, I recommend to install the brandnew Intel RSTe Drivers and Software Set v3.8.0.1111 WHQL.


Thanks Fernando!

I’m curios…I’ve been running raid systems for almost 20 years without ever a problem.
Looking into this intel raid controller I see post after post about blue screen problems (similiar to mine)
Why are these controllers so problematic?

I see your location is Germany. I live in US, but I speak pretty decent Germany, it’s been awhile since I have visited.


You should better ask Intel, why they decided to create a separate RAID driver and OROM development branch for Intel C600 Series Chipsets.
The (modded) v12.x.x.xxxx ones are running fine with X79 RAID systems and give them a better performance.


I took your advice and installed Set v3.8.0.1111 WHQL. (combined with the option rom)

I waited a week to test everything. Did all the things I had been doing when the original BSODs occured & Voila! My BSODs are no more.
After 3 months of frustration & hopelessness a huge weight has been lifted. The machine I designed and built is finally stable.
I can’t thank you enough. If it had NOT been for your site, I wouldn’t have understood the important aspects of Intel RST like the Option Rom, Pairing Drivers, Chipset differences, differences between RSTe & RST.

A basic recap for anyone else with my motherboard (MSI Big Bang II X79) and Intel RSTe Raid problems:
1- Update motherboard to Bios 2.4 (will update IRSTE option rom to 3.7)
2- Install RSTe
3- Updat intel ME if necessary
4- Enjoy life


PS…I never investigated RST 11.6 mode past my initial Motherboard install (at the time it was a disaster, system lockups when accessign raid drive).
Maybe with the new option rom (not sure what version it is now) and a driver recommendation from Fernando it will be just as stable.
I’ve very happy with my RSTe read/write speeds so I don’t see the need personally