RTX 3060 Ti driver for windows 8.1?

I received rtx 3060 Ti but I can’t use it, because I refuse to both downgrade to 7 or 10.
Nvidia made really weird decision, but rtx 3060 only has dirvers for 7 and 10 and windows 7 driver is refusing to install on 8.1 (resulting in code 43).
Last supported rtx gpu is 2080 ti for windows 8.1 and since 8.1 still recieves new drivers it may be possible for someone to mod the driver?


you might as well try the windows 10 driver and see if it works.

It’s probably possible, but would be very hard to do, since code 43 usually means your gpu could have worked but decided not to.
In fact, there’s an entire MSFN forum that was for modifying an rtx driver for an older windows 10 build. It took them a very long time to do.