RX 570 and P67 No video - Need help with BIOS Mod

Hello guys, I need help with some BIOS modding. I have a secondary build with a P67 Sabertooth - 2500K - RX 570 Pulse. When I install the RX 570 the system don’t display video 4 beep vga error. With my RTX 2080 and other cards work just fine. I know this a common “problem” with old motherboard and AMD RX cards due to the BIOS is a hybrid between UEFI and Legacy or something like that. I see a thread on TPU were a guy manage to get it working by modding the vBIOS with a Hex edition. But that is beyond my knowlege I didn’t understand how to do it. I uploaded the vBIOS file is someone can edit the BIOS I would be very grateful

Source: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threa…44/post-3976123

Thanks in advance !

EDIT: Can’t upload the file here is the link https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/1915…570-4096-170306

@lexer_98 - This may also be fixed by updating vBIOS within the motherboard BIOS itself, did you try that already? It’s a safer edit to do.

If you want me to make you a BIOS to try this first, please download Intel ME System Tools v8 from this thread in section "C"
Then inside that package find Flash Programming Tool folder, and inside that a Windows folder. Select that windows folder, hold shift and press right click, choose open command window here (Not power shell).
At the command prompt type the following command, and zip and upload the created file for me to modify for you (this is due to your board does not have flashback, so easier to flash mod BIOS this way) >> FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

Can you, or do you know how to and have the extra hardware to do this >> reflash vBIOS on the card if the modified BIOS fails?

Is the vBIOS you linked, yours that you uploaded there?
If not, please dump your own vBIOS with GPU-z and attach here in a zip file, this is done by clicking the little arrow in a box, under the Nvidia Logo on far right at top, right to the side of where you see "BIOS Version"

Also, simply updating the current vBIOS and adding latest GOP might help fix the issue too, sometimes this is all that’s needed. For this, you’d then need to change below PCI orom setting to EFI instead, if it still failed to boot/load the legacy vBIOS image.

I checked your BIOS settings, and I see PCI Rom is set to Legacy only, did you try disabling CSM before booting with the card? Be sure you are using the latest BIOS if not already.

The motherboard’s vbios can be updated by the “UBU” that would list Intel OROM VBIOS and EFI GOP Driver.
Btw,just a quesion
Is the “Intel OROM VBIOS” for the discrete graphics card and the “EFI GOP Driver” for the integrated graphics card??

Thanks guy for the reponse. I updated the GOP of the VBIOS from a backup that I did and also i will try to update the vBIOS of the motherboard. When I arrive home I will try if works !

If don’t work updating the Motherboard VBIOS and GOP. I will upload the file that you requested.
>I make a backup of the BIOS of the video card and update the GOP. Tonight I will see if works
>The video card has dual bios so is safe to flash custom bios
>I tried disabling CSM and updating the BIOS

Thank you for your time !

With the vBIOS GOP updated to 16.5.50 and the motherboard setting PCI ROM Priority in Legacy it works !

Again thank you for your time !

@lexer_98 - great you got it, I knew sometimes updating vBIOS fixes this, unsure how/why but I’ve seen it a few times now. Or, could simply be the PCI ROM setting change too Or, did that not work before?

Sorry for the late response. PCI ROM Setting didn’t work before I double checked by switching to the main bios and didn’t POST. Again thank you for your time