RYZEN 2700X Running Win 98 (No Emulation)

I found a video on youtube, someones managed to get windows98se natively working on an x470 motherboard with a 2700x

how is this done?


I unlocked this feature in my bios, i think its a step in the right direction:


Next you need to hack Win98 installer so that it won’t freak out whan it sees more than 1GB of RAM.

Would be great if there was a bios mod to enable only 1gb ram

There are zillions threads how to bypass that memory limit, after first part of installation crash, you just need himemX.exe and change system.ini to limit memory to 512 MB… But other problems would be worse… Rloew has also paid patch for it, it will enable even more than 1.1 GB of Mem in Windows 98.

I install with ahci. Here are two photos:
First (Win98 setup)

Second( Evidence for ahci sata controller):

This time Current states got different font.

Nobody can see them.

I found this youtube video that explains how to rub Windows 98 from a USB on a laptop. It has a lot of good info. I think you can combine the info from both the videos to try and run Windows 98 on your computer natively.


I’m running Windows 98SE on an X470 with Ryzen 3900X + Voodoo 3 PCI. There is not much to tell, it simply installs and works fine in AHCI mode, you just need to limit physical RAM. (by editing system.ini at first reboot, but I guess you already know that)

Also, it s nice to have some compatible hardware. I have a PCI-E 1x card with VIA 6212L USB chipset. (now you have access to: USB-Audio, USB-LAN, Wi-Fi etc)

Last night I installed ME on the same configuration. To make a screen shot while of this forum, I plugged an USB wireless stick and ran its setup program. After reboot it connected automatically to the first free wireless network (…) (no other settings or IP configuration needed)
Screnshot in full hd.



you should try rloew’s patches - 4GB RAM, proper AHCI etc.

I have installed R. Loew AHCI patch but I m not really sure if it’s actually working. In Windows 98, after I installed the AHCI patch I got lots of errors (.dll missing etc) which means there was something going on, at least… As a back-up I have a PCI - SATA with VIA Chipset & Windows 98 drivers (SCSI device).

In Windows ME the AHCI patch installed fine, no errors after reboot and everything looks good in Control Panel - but I don t think the drive is using AHCI driver. (still reported in compatibility mode)

I’ll try 4GB patch, but my biggest issue is that I can t set primary video card. I have to unplug PCI-E power from main video card (RTX 2070 Super) to boot with PCI VooDoo 3 3000. This issue is work in progress. Any help truly appreciated.


It might be a good idea to put your voodoo 3 in your top PCI-E slot with an adapter

to fix the MS-DOS compatibilty mode problem you’ll need to use the SATA patch

also delete the NOIDE registry key

Not my first option, but I will try an adapter for my VooDoo. Of course, I would like to find a way to force motherboard to pick PCI VooDoo first. I need an UEFI only vbios PCI-E card to test it along with VooDoo. In CSM mode - once it s set to load only legacy video BIOS - between and UEFI only and legacy only card, it should pick VooDoo, but you never know…

Back to R. Loew AHCI - it works, I patched ESDI_506.pdr & upgraded to 6 port AHCI - and after some initial errors and few restarts it looks stable.

Full HD screen shot.


good to see AHCI is working properly

for your RTX 2070, you should be able to get some 2D working in win98 using this driver

In Windows 98 VBE driver didn t work - and I did a lot of testing with RX580, 2070 Super and some older cards. Now surprise… VBE driver works fine in Windows ME with an RX580/8GB. What? Why?

Good news is that I was able to enable the second monitor - which is actually my VGA input connected to VooDoo 3. And yes… games are now starting on VooDoo by default. I have played Unreal and Fifa 98 with no problems. Quake II starts fine, but mouse is not working.

Full HD scren shot.


I have plugged the RTX 2070 Super and it also Works in Windows ME with VBE drivers. It wasn t necessary to reinstall drivers. (for RX580 I picked .inf within atombios folder) Again, I tried this many times in 98SE with no success. I guess I have to borrow some files from Me to get job done in 98. On both cards 2D performance is painfully slow. RX580 seems to be a little bit faster but you don t want to scroll down in a window… To edit a .inf file I dragged the notepad window on the second monitor (VooDoo 3) and there is true hardware acceleration…


This is incredible, well done

Win 98 and Me support only one core so it’s better a Ryzen 3600X due to very high frequency: the ideal is to disable hyper threading and the more cores you can.