Sabertooth z77 problems.

I have a couple issues with this board and the modding process. I have successfully updated Intel SATA Rom, VGA ROM, and LAN ROM and the computer works but when I open the modded CAP file into a hex editor, I still find the old VGA ROM in there. Although when i open the modded CAP file in MMTool and extract the VGA ROM, its the new one. I have also noticed that the Intel LAN ROM has the wrong Dev id in the original bios. The lan device is suppose to be 1503 not 1502. Even in windows it states it is a 1503 device. I was wondering if i could delete the 1502 LAN ROM and insert the 1503? After extracting the CSMCORE.ffs from the modded/normal bios, I cannot find any signs of the modules.

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Unfortunately I cannot verify your report, because I am not at home for some days.
All I can say now is, that there is nothing to worry about as long as your computer works without severe issues.
If you want, you can give me the link to the original and your modded BIOS. Then I will check your work, when I am back home on thursday or friday.


This is the sabertooth z77 2003 bios modded with Intel Sata Rom and Sata Driver, Intel VGA Rom 2158, Intel Lan Rom 1.5.40 (which i found on tweaktown), and Intel Ivy Bridge Microcode 19.…77-2003-MOD.cap

The original Bios.…7-ASUS-2003.CAP

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Meanwhile I am back home again and have done a deeper look into the original Sabertooth Z77 BIOS and your modded BIOS.
Result: Everything is fine. There is nothing, which has to be changed or redone.

That is correct, but these entries are outside the CSMCORE file, where the active PCI ROM modules are stored. Since the VGA ROM v2132 has been successfully replaced within the CSMCORE file by the VGA ROM v2158, you can be sure, that the updated VGA ROM v2158 will work and not the old v2132.
You can verify it by extracting the complete CSMCORE file from the BIOS by the following procedure: Open the BIOS file with the Aptio MMTool, choose the tab "Extract", highlight the CSMCORE line, uncheck "Link present" within the "For Option ROM Only" section, check "Extract UnCompressed", edit a file name like "CSMCORE_extract.bin" into the "Module File" field and hit "Extract". After having done that open the extracted file with a Hex Editor and search for the text code "2132" and "2158". You will only find the latter.

That is nothing to worry about, since the original Intel LAN ROM has exactly the same DeviceID entries as the updated one. Both DeviceIDs 1503 and 1502 are fully compatible to each other.
By the way: It’s the same thing with the Intel VGA ROM. When you open the extracted module, you will find in the offset 40 the hex codes 86 80 02 01, which stands for the VendorID 8086 (=Intel) and the DeviceID 0102. Nevertheless the Link ID of the Aptio MMTool shows “8086,162”, which means VendorID 8086 and DeviceID 0162 (the mainboard manufacturer misses the 0 in front, when they edit the Option ROM DeviceID). Nevertheless the DeviceID 0162 is fully supported by this module.

Oh nice! Thank you very much Fernando.