Safe to replace AMI NVME module with newer one from next gen board?

Hi guys,

Was wondering if its safe to take a nvme.ffs module (guid 634E8DB5-C432-43BE-A653-9CA2922CC458) from a Msi x299 board and use UEfitool to replace the older one on a similar Msi x99 board?

Would that work?


@davidm71 :
Provided, that both NVMe modules (your currently in-use and the desired one) have the same GUID, the replacement will be “safe” (will not brick your BIOS), but there is no guarantee, that you will get any benefit from it.
If you want to test it, I recommend to additionally update the other 2 DXE Driver modules with the letters “nvme” within their names.

Did you try this? @davidm71

Yes and had limited gains and not work half the time. Not recommended.