Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB in raid 0 on P8P67, no trim enable

Hello everyone,

Few days ago , I bought a second samsung 840 pro 256Gb ssd. I tought it would be nice to have raid 0 configuraion. After a quick search on the internet, i find out that trim can be enable on Asus P8P67 Deluxe mobo.

I have then flash my bios to the latest version : 3602 with a modified bios that have modified the intel OROM to the 12.xxxxxxxxx

I have then create a new raid 0 array as well as a fresh windows 7 installation. I’ve also download intel RST 11.xxxxxxx

The problem is that when i run the trimcheck.exe, it says that trim is not enable.

As I’m currently at work, i cannot show proper screenshot. I will update that later today.

Thanks in advance for return


Hello Herve,
welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

You will only get TRIM activity within your Intel 6-Series chipset RAID0, if you have inserted the especially modified Intel RAID ROM module.