Samsung 950 Pro on GA-Z170X Gaming 7

I have read 100’s of post from various places and a lot are wrong i.m.o with what they say about raid mode on Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7 motherboards.
I have had this working without a problem. There is some confusion about drivers though that people are having. Firstly. There is a big difference between using 1 or 2 950 pros on this mb. (Applies to other mb makes as well I presume.
Of course raid and none raid, but you need different drivers in each case.
None raid is much easier to set up and most people can use the incorporated NVME Windows 10 driver.
Or the Samsung NVME driver. You do not use same driver when doing raid.
you need the Intel raid driver for raid.
To install Windows 10 after creating raid in bios F8p latest. You need to add the Intel driver during install from a USB created with Windows USB creation tool. I will post more details ASAP.

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As long as the 2 NVMe SSDs are not members of an Intel RST RAID0 array, there is no difference between 1 or 2 attached NVMe SSDs regarding the usable NVMe drivers.

This is only true for NVMe SSDs, wich are members of an Intel RST RAID array. All NVMe SSDs, which are not members of an Intel RST RAID array, are running fine with the generic MS or the SSD specific NVMe driver, no matter whether the on-board Intel SATA Controller has been set to AHCI or RAID mode.

Here is a nice YouTube video about how to do it:

By the way these are the most important requirements for setting up a bootable NVMe RAID0 by using Intel’s special RST drivers:
1. Only mainboards with an Intel 100- or 200-Series Chipset are supported.
2. Within the BIOS must be an up-to-date Intel EFI “RaidDriver” module version (v14.8 or higher).
3. An Intel RST RAID driver v14.8.x.xxxx or higher must be installed.

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