Samsung 950 Pro problems with linux and X1 Carbon Gen 3

Hey there,

So as some might remember I had a half a year of torture while trying to make my trusty X1 Carbon Gen 3 to work with an NVMe drive. After about 30 posts with failed bios mods I failed. I went with a WD Red 1Tb ssd instead

But now I saw a Samsung 950 Pro for 55euros on an used website at 95% and thought why not give it a try to have a linux laptop, and in the meantime hack together FINALLY an NVME into it.

according to tom’s hardware the 2 are compatible (…ssd,4313-2.html) they tested it for battery endurance, or at least they are compatible under windows.

However when I installed the Kali Linux on it, it just gave me the good old 2103 detection error on M.2, after the installer went throught, and first reboot came. The installer detected it obviously, and it is visible on a live linux.

As I understood from this forum, the 950Pro with the UBX controller is the only ssd that can speak both SATA and NVMe protocols. What my guess is that during the install it was locked at nvme mode, and then it cannot speak sata, therefore the bios defaults on it.

Any idea for how to fix it?
What could I test?