Samsung 950 PRO & System Restore

I used to run Rollback Rx on my Samsung 850 pro ssd and it worked no problem. Now with the Samsung 950 pro m2 ssd it wiil not boot into windows 10 after the rollback boot loading screen. Just wondering if anyone use the built in system restore or is it not a good thing to have enabled on any ssd for all the writes it does.Mabey just a good image program backup once or twice a week is the way to go. Any thoughts…

@NIK1 :
Since I have never used the tool Rollback Rx, I cannot help you.
Have you included all usually hidden partitions, when you let the tool store the backup?

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to use Horizon DataSys’s Rollback RX Professional on an M.2 SSD. It WILL NOT WORK! How do I know? I recently purchased a brand new Dell XPS laptop. It came with a Samsung 256GB M.2 SSD. As always, after setting up the laptop the way I wanted it, I installed Rollback RX. My pc went into eternal reboot loop. I had to wipe my hard drive, reinstall the OS, software…everything. I reached out to Horizon Datasys. They told me to switch to legacy boot. I did. Installed Rollback RX. SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN…eternal reboot loop. I reached out to Horizon Datasys AGAIN. They told me it was a different problem and what to do. I did. AGAIN, eternal reboot loop. Yep…I had to reinstall the OS, software, everything, ALL OVER AGAIN…T H I R D TIME. This time when I contacted live chat at Horizon Datasys, I was pissed. And I let the poor guy have it. That’s when he ‘fessed up’ and told me that Rollback RX should NOT be used on M.2 SSD’s as they don’t know how to make it work…yet. I installed Shadow Defender–it works fantastically!!–and haven’t looked back. I now recommend Shadow Defender to my clientele (I am in the IT support business). It has a lighter footprint and is faster than Rollback RX. I have used Rollback RX for years and never had a problem with it. Until now. Won’t be going back to it. And what really gets me is that they could have told me up front, not to use Rollback RX on my M.2 SSD. Instead, they let me hose it 3 times. Unacceptable.

@Mikeshere :
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