Samsung 950 PRO

Just picked up a 512 gb Samsung 950 pro yesterday and wonder does it really help to cool it when you put heatsinks on them.If yes,any recommendations on the make, how many I would need,the sizes to order so I can slap them on my 950 pro if they do help…Crystaldiskinfo shows 36 cel on my desktop,10 cel more the my 850 evo and pro ssd’s,are these temps normal, just curious.

@NIK1 :
For "normal" users there is no need to give the Samsung 950 Pro a heatsink or something similar.
You will only get very high temperatures, if you force the SSD permanently to its limit.

Thanks Fernando. Is the 36 cel temp ok.I never noticed it yet go much higher than that yet…

That is your body temperature and should be ok for an SSD as well.