Samsung 970 PRO SSD

Hello, I have a SSD, Samsung 970 PRO. It lay idle for a long time and was not used by me.

The ExpertBook B9 laptop has two M.2 connectors. One has a pre-installed built-in SSD, and I decided to install my Samsung 970 PRO SSD on the second slot. The SSD was not detected in the BIOS.

On one of the forums, I learned that the ‘Enable VMD controller’ setting should be set to ‘Disabled’. In order to do this, I had to reinstall Windows 11. But even with this setting, the SSD is not detected in the BIOS.

As far as I understand, the SSD has a microservice, a program responsible for the interaction of the device with the operating system. In my case, there are only two options: either the microservice has gone wrong and needs to be reinstalled, or the disk is not working. Is it so?

@Timur Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Before you will get full access to a freshly inserted SSD, you may have to initialize, to format the SSD and to give it a drive letter.
Please run the Device Manager of your currently running OS and expand the sections “Disks” and “Storage Controllers”.
What do you see?
Enjoy the SSD and the Forum!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you very much for your response Dieter. I’m not very good at computer hardware. I thought that the presence of a SSD in the BIOS is a necessary condition in order to be able to talk about the health of the SSD, and if the SSD is not in the BIOS, then this indicates that either the microservice in this device is not working, or the chip in the SSD are de-energized (possibly is nonsense), or the SSD itself is faulty. But this is my dilettant opinion.

At the moment I removed the SSD from the laptop. If for further investigation it is necessary to install an SSD in a laptop, then I will do it.

At the time when the SSD was in the laptop, I remember that my SSD was not in ‘Disk Management’ and I could not format it and assign a drive letter. After setting the ‘Enable VMD controller’ parameter to ‘Disabled’, I was able to install the Samsung_NVM_Express_Driver_3.1.exe driver from Samsung. After that, in the ‘Device Manager’, in the ‘Storage Controllers’ section, the entry ‘Samsung NVM Express Controller’ appeared. But in the ‘Disk Drives’ section, my SSD is not there.