Samsung Magician sata/AHCI N/A?


I upgraded my old P8P67 motherboard/cpu and memory to a Z710 system.
I made a fresh install with Windows 10 build 1607 and installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology v15.0.2.1044.

My motherboard is Asus z170 pro gaming.
And my OS drive is Samsung 850 pro 128GB, installed in SATA6G_1


Anyway when i installed Samsung Magician i get sata/AHCI N/A:


I dont know whats going on?

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To which mode (AHCI/IDE/RAID) did you set the on-board Intel SATA Controller from within the UEFI BIOS?

Provided, that the Intel SATA Controller is running in AHCI mode, you should better ask the Samsung Support than us.
By the way: Samsung’s tool named Magician is crap in my eyes. It doesn’t detect Samsung SSDs, which are members of a RAID array, and gave me very often a sudden BSODs during its installation.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

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I did run a test with AS SSD, but i don’t know if it’s good or bad


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I’m getting the same issue with my 850 Pro SSD, played about a bit with it no change speeds I’m getting look good I got a feeling this is an issue more with the Samsung software and Win10 anniversary update.

FYI I’m running a M8 Hero mobo also attached the results from my 850 pro maybe of help.

as-ssd-bench Samsung SSD 850  25.08.2016 8-00-09 PM.png

Samsung Magician 4.9.7 does not have digitally signed drivers yet, which is a requirement for clean installs of Win 10 Anniversary update / build 1607.…ned-driver.html

you can try disabling secure boot but that is not recommended. just wait for Samsung to update drivers in the next Magician build.

there are other ways to verify that your SSD is running on AHCI and TRIM is enabled so it is running properly with the right performance.…nside-windows-7

pciide.sys = microsoft IDE driver
msahci = Microsoft AHCI driver
iastor.sys = Intel AHCI/RAID driver

so yes, if the benchmarks are looking normal and you have enabled AHCI in the BIOS/OS, set TRIM to enabled. then you can uninstall Magician.

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Samsung’s Magician is a tool and not a device. So it neither needs nor uses a driver.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Samsung uses a driver which is not digitally signed to interact with the SSD, if you see Event Log it says

so yes it needs a digitally signed driver for Windows Anniversary Update clean installs, or else it is blocked unless you disable secure boot.

Samsung’s driver: magdrvia64.sys, magdrvamd64.sys

Ok, the Reader Service of the tool obviously needs a driver to get the required informations from the Samsung Disk Drive, which is connected to the mainboard.
Another question: Why do you integrate such a miserably coded tool into a clean Win10 image? For which purposes do you use it? Is it the feature named "Rapid Mode", which measures the speed of your DRAM modules, but not the real performance of your Samsung HDD/SSD?
I have different Samsung SSDs and always got a BSOD, when I tried to install the tool. For me this tool is absolutely crap.

its fine, its just the windows redstone update made the issue which doesnt effect performance

The question is: Whose performance?

yeah i guess don’t need to bother with Magician anymore as long as TRIM/AHCI is enabled.

i did go back to my old win 10 build 1607 (upgraded from win 8.1) and AHCI is enabled there.

however some say that AHCI can be detected by Samsung Magician on their clean installs of 1607, so it’s curious why do and some don’t.