Samsung NVMe drivers ( DISM integration error


I have a strange issue regarding the integration of the latest Samsung NVMe drivers ( via DISM command line into an offline windows 7 image. It works flawlessly with the boot.wim, but is failing with the install.wim. The error return code is 15100, which indicates that a MUI file is missing. But the driver doesn’t have one and with the previous driver ( the issue doesn’t occur. Any suggestions?

I’m using this command line “dism /Image:d:\NVME\temp\mount /Add-Driver /Driver:d:\NVME\temp\drivers /Recurse” with DISM 6.3.9600.( Windows ADK for Windows 8.1 update”

@Unikat2000 :
Were the specific driver files for Win7 (inlusive secnvmeF.sys) within the folder D:\NVME?
If yes, I recommend to integrate the driver by using a tool like NTLite.

The drivers are in the “d:\NVME\temp\drivers”. With NTLite the integration works (at least without any visible errors displayed). But isn’t NTLite also using the systsme dism tools?

Since I neither know the source code of NTLite nor I am an expert regarding the DISM tools, I cannot answer your question.