Samsung pm9a1 firmware update

Hi, Anyone have any info on a firmware for the m2 pm9a1 ssd, or find a way to mod the firmware?


I bet this is an OEM from Dell/HP etc…
No u cant do nothing about it, just stay alert for the OEM firmware releases, u cant cross-flash anything from retail Samsung drives.

Hello. Iam answering on this old thread because i want inform all PM9A1 Samsung SSD users with the OEM "00B00" that there is a Firmware Update available for the 256, 512 and 1 TB version. And also for the 2TB Version.
I found it on a german Website ->

Info from the readme for the 2TB Version
Samsung FW Update for Samsung PM9A1

Affected Samsung OEM SSDs:
WAG PN Capacity model PN
2190746 2TB MZVL22T0HBLB-00B00

New version is GXB7401Q

1. Fix Pyrite spec violation
Fix the FW flow not to erase the user data when TCG revert operation happened at Locking SP inactive status

2. Improvement of write performance drop when over 70% of SSD capacity is used
Foreground GC in the SSB area is performed to create a free block in the CDM
measurement section, so that the maximum SLC performance can be measured

I testet the 2 TB Version and it worked without problems and the known problems with the low write speeds are gone.