SATA AHCI Controller - Intel 100 Series/C230 question

Hi !

I’m using computer for music production.
Realtime applications need really stable system.
Latencymon application shows no issues and works fine, time to time i have some realtime drop-out, but really not offten,
most of the time is fine.
Anyway, i’d like to ask you about those drivers.
Right now i have last drivers installed , which still supports Z170 chipset.
I believe those were the latest one : WHQL
Is it good to use those one or do you think it’s better to use last drivers from 16 series, which is : WHQL ?

Any tip or suggestion would be appreciated,

Using 100series/c230 chipset,16.8 is current and better

That was quick :slight_smile:

Ok, I have installed now 16.8 driver.
I’d like in the meantime also ask , if it’s good to disable in Windows 10 services now : Intel Rapid Storage Technology or leave it alone ?

You can delete it completely.use Autoruns
All you need is the driver itself,even delete it from startup
Also disable Link Power Management from its control panel

RST Console AHCI - Performance.png

Thanks !
Yes, i normally disable it from startup and in windows services.
Ok, i have disabled Link Power Management.

Up to date windows,bios,drivers and lesser startups,tasks,services faster the windows

Yea, I’m always careful to keep that up to date.