sata and usb3.0 drivers.

hi everyone.

i have an old backup PC, an amd-based gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 mobo (rev1.x) with marvell and jmicro drivers, running on win 7. i was wondering is there a way to integrate them into the official bios rom file so that they are recognised from scratch, or i can only integrate them with the win7 image i have?

many thanks to all suggestions and guidance.

@anikiamin :
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The only driver, which has to be integrated into the OS Image or loaded at the beginning of the OS installation, is the storage driver, which is required for the OS Setup to detect the target system drive. All other drivers can be installed after having completed the OS installation. The BIOS itself may have only to be customized, if you want to get the OS installed onto a RAID array or onto an NVMe SSD.

To be able to answer your question I need the following information:
1. Which is the manufacturer and which model is your system disk drive (where the OS and the boot sector are installed)?
2. Which are the HardwareIDs of the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller" resp. "Storage Controller", which manages your disk drive?
To find out the latter information, you have to boot into your currently running OS, run the Device Manager and expand the sections "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and - if applicable - "Storage Controllers". Then do a right-click onto all listed devices with the word "Controller" within their names and choose the options "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".

Dieter (alias Fernando)

thank u for the response. i’m not at home now so i have no idea. i will give u the req info once i reach home.

but i am not running any raid on that PC and the drives on it, off my head, are 1 480gb ssd (PNY or SP i cant rem) + 5X toshiba 3GB MG03XXX enterprise drives.

i was just wondering if i can hardcode the marvell and jmicro into the bios. if not i will just integrate them into the win7 image.

once again thank u.

@anikiamin :
As long as you haven’t set the on-board SATA Controller to “RAID” mode, there is no need to modify or update the BIOS. The related BIOS modules will not be used.

oh ok, if that is the case then i will leave it as it is.