SATA Driver needed for ASROCK B450 Pro4

I’ve been trying to get a SATA Driver for my motherboard. But I couldn’t find anything for my hardware ID.
I am using windows 7 which is needed since it would boost my speeds etc since the stock one is bad.
I have the Ryzen 5 2600 which I intergrated the USB drivers and they work just couldn’t find sata drivers.

Hardware IDs:

Any help would be appreciated.

For “AMD Ryzen Virtualized AHCI Controllers” are no Win7 drivers available. Only Win10 x64 is supported by the original drivers. Look >here<.

So there is no way to use it in Win7?

@Ayresia :
According to my knowledge these drivers will not work with Win7. You should not expect, that AMD will nowadays develop drivers for an outdated OS.