SATA driver needed for HP Laptop 15-bs006ds.

Hi guys,

I am having trouble with this laptop I got from my grandmother from school. It is terribly slow. I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD. I cannot get the SATA drivers from HP to install though. There are a bunch listed. I have tried them all and none work. I even tried installing the HP Support Assistant but I get an error and it will not work. I have been searching everything for a solution to this problem as it is making my SSD run very slow because the driver is from 2006. I cannot get any of the drivers from HP to work. I believe that is why the system is so slow. I have tried reading the threads here to find a driver that will work but I cannot seam to figure it out. I have ever messed with modded drivers before. I do not even know what chiptset the motherboard is so I can figure out where to begin.


Okay I found out that this is a 200 series chipset if that helps. I was able to get the 17.7 driver installed. However, I have a question. There is two drivers. One is aiAHCIC and the other iaStorAC. Which one do I pick? Is one for a single hard drive and the other for raid? Then when I try to install the matching RST software it says system not supported. Why? I got this same message when trying to install the ones from HP.

@grimreaper1014 :
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If you want help, you should give us some information:

  • Which are the HardwareIDs if the SATA Controller, where your system drive is connected? It is listed either within the “Storage Drivers” or within the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” section of the Device Manager.
  • Which storage driver are you currently using?

By the way:
  • The file named iaAHCIC.inf is a simple text file and contains the required driver information, if the SATA Controller is running in AHCI mode, whereas the text file named iaStorAC.inf is only active, if the Controller is running in RAID mode.
  • HP doesn’t make drivers, it just offers third party drivers to the HP customers.

Dieter (alias Fernando)


I guess the controller is running in AHCI mode since there is just a single SSD. So when selecting the inf to install I choose iaAHCIC?

@grimreaper1014 :
Yes, the suffix “CC_0106” indicates, that the Controller is running in AHCI mode.
Why don’t you use the generic MS AHCI driver, which is part of the OS?

It seams to be what is causing my SSD to run slower than normal. The reason I say this is because I have secure erased the SDD multiple times as well as updated the BIOS. I ran a benchmark on the SSD and we are talking 100mbs reads and 200mbs writes when it should get 500mbps+ in both directions. Plus the Windows version is from 2006. I put a Samsung SSD in before the OCZ. It was running slow as well. When I took the Samsung 840 Evo out and put it in my Ryzen 3600 build it ran full speed. It has to be the SATA drivers.

Also is the RST software used for RAID? Do I need it? Could I just update the driver and see if that helps?