Search for Fresco USB 3 Driver

Just boughjt and installed a SONNET Tango 3.0 PCIe adapter (USB 3 and DireWire 800 ports)
The downloaded driver (from Fresco) installs correctly
But, when I connect a device, the system (Windows 7 - 32 or Windows 7-64 bits) freezes
I search for another USB 3 driver to test and eventually replace it

Thanks for your help Have a good day

@ sfleury:
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Which Fresco USB 3.0 driver version did you use?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you for your prompt answer

I used the FLUSB3.0-3.6.4.exe file (that’s the only one I found !)

Ok, that seem to be the latest Fresco USB 3.0 drivers.
You can find the pure drivers (without installer and additional software) within the start post of >this< thread.

I clicked on the >this< word, “jumped” to your page with different brands and developped the “spoiler” icon Under Fresco Logic USB 3 Drivers

Am I right in what I did ?

Then i clicked on the 1st one of
◦>32bit Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Drivers v3.6.4.0 WHQL< (>MIRROR<)
◦>64bit Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Drivers v3.6.4.0 WHQL< (>MIRROR<)

I was redirected to a “MEGA” page (!ZBNhkR7C!Qw9BXXYRwm…7OGCQmjnyjIqhdI) with only a white “M” on a red cloud, but nothing to download !

Is that normal ?

I found my mistake : I cliscked on the description of the file when I, should have clicked on "Mirror" instead !

I now have downloaded and unzipped both files for 32 and 64 for bits

What should i do with them ? (I tried to click on the ".exe" files, but nothing happened

Sorry to take your time (especially during a week-end) … I t could wait until next week !!! :wink:
Have a good week-end

Each driverpack (32/64bit) contains 2 different drivers (1 for the "Fresco Logic xHCI (USB3) Controller" and the other for the "Fresco Logic xHCI (USB3) Hub"). You can manually install them both from within the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" section of the Device Manager by doing a right click onto the related device (1. Controller, 2. Hub), choosing the options "Update Driver Sotware" > "Browse my Computer" and navigating to the driverpack.