Search function?

Did something happen to the search function? If I remember right there were more options ‘earlier’ like posts from a certain author containing a certain search-word?

In addition it’s no longer possible to find all own posts:
Going to my profile, selecting ‘search for posts from lfb6’ shows that I wrote 233 posts, and of those i get shown 36 randomly chosen posts on 2 pages?

Do I miss something? Is there another way to an ‘advanced search’?

Thanks in advance!

@lfb6 - Yes, it used to be terrible, now it’s even worse (MUCH Worse)! I resort to Google instead >> search term
I never remember any “options”

Umm, not sure. Xobor probably broke something again. Or maybe search was broken all along and we got used to it. The “search for posts from” results are indeed broken. I have a lot of posts but it shows less than 200 in relatively weird order, selecting that “Other” section yields nothing but something clearly should have been there because of the empty pages etc. Yeah it’s broken but I’m not sure if that’s new.

Does anyone else have some feedback regarding the search function?

EDIT: Oh, Lost ninja’ed me. I see, as I suspected. Xobor broke something else again. I’ll try asking them.

Yes, it used to be bad, but at least we could search our own emails, and or find “Some” posts in the forum, but even when it was working I often had to use Google to actually find what I wanted due to no options to control the search.
But now, nothing is found in email searches and general forum search is 100% ruined. I noticed this around the same time as the other issue we discussed not long ago with users not being able to post/reply, so probably happened with that same update too.
From my profile, search for posts from, I can see “50” pages of posts and looks to be in order, but I’m not sure how that has looked before and I can’t be sure it’s all correct/visible and current, and I never looked at it this way previously.
But hey! At least I can see options on search that way! Why don’t we have those options in normal searches?

Thanks for the answers, thanks for the effort and sorry for answering late myself!

@Lost_N_BIOS You can see 50 pages with 995 posts, but you have now 11.637…

I’ll try via google next time, Xobor states that all forums are optimised for search engines…