Secondary bios sources for older Intel motherboards

First I want to thank you for providing a forum with great ways to customize/improve pc performance. I have already moded the bios for 2 older Gigabyte mbs for nvme booting and performance. Now I have an original Skulltrail Intel board DZ68BC, that I would like to improve to a Series 3000 processor. Intel does not still post older bios info for this board. Because of the knowledge shown here , are there any secondary sources of bios files that might be trusted. I have found site that appears legit from positive comments, but just asking. Thanks

From version 035 up it has support for 3rd gen, i can provide u the 0035, 0037 and the latest 0042.

EDIT: Here u go, technical data for the DZ68BC, bios versions and their notes also included.

Alternative LINK

@Dr_Rob : I cannot help you and don’t know anyone, who has stored old Intel mainboard BIOSes.
Since your request has more to do with the topic “BIOS” than with the topic “Drivers”, I have moved this thread into one of our BIOS Sub-Forums.
Good luck!

@MeatWar Without notes of bios versions, I am not sure I know exactly what I need. I am planning a 3570 upgrade for the board, then on to nvme nods if available. If that gives you any info on which to suggest - good. Thanks

Yes I was not sure where to put it. Thanks

@MeatWar Thanks for the effort, but I couldn’t get past the ads and spam on that link to understand at what I was looking.

Usually is country restrictions…use Tor browser
Added another link

Yes that link worked much better. If you have that 0042 bios for the DZ68BC it would be appreciated. Paypal sent.

@MeatWar After looking at the flowchart I believe it is best to go thru the 035 bios, although the 042 is likely my final. The link is now blank. Any chance you could put that 035 bios back up?

I never linked the 0035… u only mentioned the most recent version.
And ok u saw the flowchart but wots the current bios in the system and available processors models?
U cannot make big moves with bios updates… usually it also upgrades the Intel ME7/8 FW and this cannot be reverted back… careful or ull break a nice board.

0028 and an I5-2500K The Express update started for 0042 but the execution did not go thru, and 0028 was still present. The main thing I see is the ME is currently which is less than the ME 8.??? decision, so I thought the 035 might complete

Yes m8 that its, thats wot i mean, u can see in the bios revisions pdf, that with the 0035 the ME will become ME8, after the 0035 is in the system u cannot downgrade, all this is done always with the 2nd Gen processor
Dont pass from 28 to 42… follow the pdf 6Series flowchart instructions… CAREFUL, im warning u, these things r to be done slow and easy and reading.

The easiest and safer method for updating is the F7 procedure, read the Product Guide.