Seek help BIOS Compiler tool

My Dell 5490 BIOS is damaged. I can’t open it with flash image tool v12.0.2.1087.

@linan186 - Please attach dump of both BIOS chips. If you do not have flash programmer, and due to that cannot dump BIOS. What BIOS file are you trying to open with FITc?

Sorry, I have no clue what your title is about in relation to the content of your post??!3wtHyaLb!KCNr10QmkSVEd…SiISCUGjffTJ-uM

This is a me I can’t open with fit

Please attach dump of both BIOS chips - there is no Version 14 ME FW, unless they skipped version 13 which I also have not seen before either. If there was V14 ME FW, you certainly couldn’t use V12 tools with it, so that would be expected

Please dump both BIOS chips, and send me the files, and also, link me to the BIOS download page at Dell so I can download from Dell the stock BIOS package (I don’t want you to upload it)
Additionally, please use another free file host, I can’t download from mega.NZ or dropbox. This one works for me -

Don’t send me partial BIOS regions or ME FW you think is ME FW, only dump from both chips with programmer, due to BIOS is compressed and split across two chips in Dell usually.

* Edit, I grabbed version 1.10.1 BIOS from Dell, from here -…-laptop/drivers
This BIOS contains ME FW V11.8 as expected (I assumed v11 or v12), there is no V14 ME FW yet, maybe in few years we will be using that version


Just wanted to correct you a little bit, there is both 13.x and 14.x ME firmware already, for CML and ICL.

@Pacman - Thank you! I’ve not ran into those yet, and when I checked to be sure I only looked at what was listed in the ME FW/drivers/tools thread to confirm my incorrect assumption.
Good to know these are out there, hopefully we can get their FW and Tools packages added to the thread sometime soon.

For this case, should be only V11 ME in his system, maybe V12 if shipped that way but that would be odd based on the BIOS packages provided.

Yes, it would be good if @linan186 could link to his specific model on Dell, in case it is some new ICL version.
We don’t have any 14.x FIT yet anyway though.

Yes, in case it’s not the above linked one I found based on the model he said, hopefully he will link BIOS download he’s been using
I can’t download that file he posted above, can you rehost for me? Don’t know what it is, but I assume not v14 ME FW from Dell 5490 who BIOS comes with 11.8

Yes, i attach the file (zipped), i am on my phone now, so i can’t see any details about the file. (1.74 MB)

@Pacman - thanks! That is v14 ME FW (unconfigured), maybe he has wrong Dell model there, or I downloaded from wrong model page?
There’s no way stock 11.8 BIOS system would also ship with V14 ME too is there? I guess since it’s unconfigured this is not dumped from a running system.


He will have to wait until Plutomaniac gets back, then we can see if he has any V14 tools yet. I doubt it though, since no V13 or V14 FW even added to the guide yet

Exactly, nothing yet for CSME 13 (ICP) and CSME 14 (CMP).

any success with fitc ver 14 if any one got ??

Is this a clean ME v14.0.0.1061? or is it one that was extracted from OP? Im looking for a clean version which I cannot locate and does not come in Asus BIOS downloads via website.