Setting up NVME Raid on unsupported hardware possible?


Was wondering if its possible to setup an Nvme raid array on older hardware using pci-e adapters? Wonder which chipsets would be compatible and what version of raid rst efi driver would you need? Has anyone successfully acomplished this?


These are the requirements for users, who want to create an Intel RAID array consisting of NVMe SSDs:
1. BIOS with natively full NVMe support
2. Modern Intel Chipset from 100-Series up
3. Intel RST(e) driver from v14.8 up.

So if you have an older X99 board that never supported it it will not work despite a raid rom update? If so wonder what would happen if you create the array on a supported motherboard and then transplant the drives to your older X99 board with newer raid rom/efi module. Would the raid rom notice the array and boot up?

Thanks Fernando.

Try it, but I suspect, that the NVMe RAID array will not be detected.

One of these days I will but I would bet you its entirely possible. I mean I have seen standard intel sata raid arrays get carried over onto a newer motherboard. In this case who knows if it will work. Though I am very curious. Next time i upgrade my existing nvme raid array to a larger sized one I’ll save the drives and try it out. Probably next year.