Skylake ES overclocking on z170a x1/3.1

Good morning,

I have spent a while last night attempting to get the BCLK overclock working on my QHQG and z170a x1/3.1.

I have tested bith version 20 and version 50 of the bios (with native bclk oc support) but neighter managed to actually boot with results. They post with bios on factory defaults but have different quirks

V20: bclk applies but multiplier lowers utself to always stay under 2.2ghz. XTU just doesnt apply changes

V50: bclk just doesnt apply once booted in windows, or fails to post at very conservative settings (160bclk @1.35v, 3.5ghz iirc)

Both bioses manage to boot into windows with this processor, so at least they include the correct Qcode.

Am i missing something important here?

Thank you