Skylake modding bios Z170;H170;H110 with Ozmosis

Hay guys I try modding bios with Ozmosis but I have always error.
I try modding via MMTool and UEFITool but I dont have a luck.
Maybe you can help me how to do it?
Thanks in advanced!!!

@ crusher:
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What do you want to modify and what is "Ozmosis"?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Ozmosis is UEFI boot loader and he integrates in rom.
This is report via MMTool. You look in report!!!
Yes I have moddify bios rom for skylake motherboard bios.

Z97MXG5.F6-CRU_OZM1669.rar (10.4 KB)

@ crusher:
Since I never used Ozmosis, I cannot help you myself. Furthermore I doubt, that there are lot of Win-RAID Forum members (besides davidm71), who ever tried Ozmosis.
You should better ask >here< for help. As a very frequent user of InsanelyMac it should be very easy for you.

Thanks for answer. Im user on Insanelymac.

Crusher what error are you getting?…Z97MX-Gaming-5/

Only the HermitShellX64.ffs is not Inside and of course the PXE module are removed. (Can’t use PXE Boot)

Use CodeRush UEFITooL (Farrrrr Better…) to mod bios than MMTOOL.
For exemple, i have strange behaviour with FreeSpace Fimware Volume calculation when you extract/insert Module
(Ex:CORE_DXE in H81M-DS2 PCB1.0 (4MB Bios, other revision have 8MB bios)
No Problem With UEFITOOL…

OZMtool is good (use UEFITOOL engine), but a little bit old, and you can remove more LAN stuff like: DcpDxe, ArpDxe, SnpDxe, MnpDxe with UEFITOOL (Of course ;Op)
Very useful if your bios firmware volume is too short.