Slow performance SSD Kingston KC1000 480GB.

Hello friends i have installed-properly SSD M2 Kingston KC1000 480GB on Gigabyte H370 Aorus GAMING 3-WIFI on first M.2 32Gb PCI-e 3.0x4 slot, mounted under gigabyte’s thermal shield. RAM is 16GB DDR4, CPU is i7-8700.Operation system is windows 10 64-bit 1803 spring creators update, driver is windows Standard NVM Express Controller 10.0.17134.1. Write-cache buffer is disabled. I have run Crystal Disk Mark version 6.0.0 but the results are very poor for especially for writing-look at the attached file.Read results is up to 30% slower! Please help me, looking for modded driver, or “crude” BIOS on motherboard-very new model, or incorrect options in bios with some advice! Regards!




Did you follow my advices, which are layed down within the start post of >this< thread?

Thank’s bro, i read this, but can i use intel modded your intel nvme-driver on my kingston kc1000 instead this is not intel m.2 ssd?

@ ilianiron:
No, Intel NVMe Controllers do only support Intel NVMe SSDs.
You will have to stick to the generic Win10 in-box MS NVMe driver.

Ok thank’s!

Danke Dieter! Die Schreibegeschwindigkeit hat sich nach deinen Tipps deutlich verbessert!
Thanks, Dieter. Due to your tips the WRITE performance has been considerably improved.

Bravo Fernando i follow your advices and results was improve of read speed with 30%, write speed with 70%

as-compr-bench KINGSTON SKC1000 6.5.2018 ?. 21-30-54.png

as-copy-bench KINGSTON SKC1000 6.5.2018 ?. 21-30-09.png

as-ssd-bench KINGSTON SKC1000 6.5.2018 ?. 21-28-59.png


KINGSTON SKC1000480G_480GB_1GB-20180506-2140.png

KINGSTON SKC1000480G_480GB_1GB-20180506-2143.png