Slower than expected Raid Crystaldisk mark scores


Spent the better part of the afternoon installing two SK Hynix P41 NVME drives onto the 2nd and 3rd M.2 slot of the Asus Z590-A gaming Wifi board equipped with a 10700K. Would have put in an 11700K to get 4.0 speeds but could not find my thermal paste. Anyhow setup the raid array realizing that the board will or should run them at pci-e 4X speeds each but when I run a Crystaldisk benchmark I get max 3500 mb/sec Seq read speeds. The main OS drive is running off a pci-e adapter on the only PCI-e 4X slot the board has left and the only other card is a 3080 running off of the 1st pci-e 16X slot. Anyhow thought I would get much more like twice which did not happen. Not sure why.


your i7 10700K only support up to gen 3
based on here,2.html

I fiugured that out and updated to a 11700K. Much improved. Sold old processor for same price. Cool deal.

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thats right