Socket 754 And Windows 98SE, Mission Completed.

Its running beautiful!

Got hold of the fastest CPU and GPU possible for socket 754 and windows 98 it’s the Athlon64 3700+ and the Gainward nVIDIA GeForce 6800GT golden sample, also using a patriot 120GB SSD

Its running amazing better than any virtual machine even on my ryzen2700x system, boots in 3 seconds, games fly and windows itself is really snappy, managed to get windows98 installed using easy2boot basically it stores the win98 iso in ram and installs it to sata. i should imagine would run even faster if i install a promise sata 300 pci card, my motherboard is the ASRock VM800 (its bloody brilliant) i really cannot understand why ASRock got such a bad name years ago, so far this is the only board ive tested that works 100% perfect and without problems, its also the fasted ive tested, the gigabyte boards i tested were all trash compared to the ASRock and ran red hot with primitive bios implementations.

The motherboard even supports 2 CPU types socket 754 and skt 939, but im sticking with this CPU it’s running mint. Its running with a matched pair of 2x256MB (512MB DDR400 PC3200) even though socket 754 was single channel, doubt there’s any program or game that will ever need more ram than that, if i remember right back in the days of win98se most people ran it with 128MB of ram. I’m very pleased with it’s performance, been playing battlefield 1942 at 1920x1080 60fps, although im on the hunt now for an EIZO CRT monitor, LCD screens are just horrible. I can see now why these cpus were the original pentium4 destroyer. i setup a similar spec machine with a p4 3ghz and it ran nowhere near as good.

I can now play all my old music softwares like MUSIC2000 properly, so im a happy chappy!