[Solution] Win7 drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new Intel chipset systems


what motherboard did you use?
and do we need modified file drivers to install windows 7 on z690?

Well, I finally got Windows 7 almost fully functional. With some assistance with files from @canonkong followed by some INF modding of my own (some of my HWID were missing) everything except the same two PCI Express Root Ports is functional. The two M.2 ports the 970 EVO NVMe SSDs are mounted in are invisible (nothing in Device Manager) and there is no trace of those SSDs under Windows 7. Those ports and NVMe SSDs are normal and fully functional with W10 LTSC, W10 Pro and W11 Pro. So, I am thinking that the two PCI Express Root Ports with a code 10 status could be directly related to the M.2 slots not being visible. This issues I was having with Macrium Reflect and Mini-Tool are resolved now. The only issue now is that only USB and SATA drives are recognized (no M.2/NVMe visible) and my assumption (might be wrong, just a logical assumption) is that the PCI Express Root Ports #9 and #21 with code 10 status correspond with the two M.2 NMVe SSDs that are not accessible/visible.

I installed the latest Simplix W7 update pack (released yesterday) and that made no difference.

For the record, I was never able to install Windows 7 from USB on the X570 AMD setup or this new Z590 Intel setup. At the point of selecting the drive for installation during Windows Setup it was always missing a required driver even after slipstreaming all of the known necessary drivers. In both cases, I used DVD and an optical drive with PS/2 mouse and keyboard. After installing Windows 7 that way I was able to install drivers and get USB working. The built-in EVGA Z590 Dark PS/2 port works perfectly. I had to use a PCIe PS/2 add-in card on the X570 Crosshair VIII system because it did not have a PS/2 port.

Compare what is absent under "Storage controllers" in Device Manager.

Congratulations brother Fox. Glad to hear that you could resolve most of the issues with the Win7 installation with canonkong’s invaluable help. Maybe soon you will get these NVMe working as well, hopefully. Yep, absolutely agree that going with the SATA to ODD ISO Win7SP2 installation is the best option, it saves a lot of headache trial and errors and all the associated pressure. I will keep that as the primary method of installation since it has the most streamlined path even if we go with a bare ISO, esp EVGA, ASUS and some other boards have those inbuilt PS/2 ports which come in handy very well. Thank you.

Edit - Found some info on those both PCIe devices, something related to the VT-d DMA Security, Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d), which states virtualization support for direct I/O access and it’s in the 10th generation Comet Lake Datasheet Vol 1 (Section 2.2.2, pg 22) as well, basically to protect the host system and Virtual system memory access it seems. Maybe you can check in the BIOS if that option is there and can be enabled or disabled and see it it changes anything ? Since Intel gives us some platform features to be turned off and this looks like an option to exist on the Z590 chipsets, as it looks like a common option for many Intel chipsets. Unfortunate that Simplix couldn’t do much here despite having latest files.

@canonkong , thank you sir, your work is always great. I knew that at once when I saw CSM option in Z690 BIOSes, that you would try Win7 on them (is it MSI board that you are using ?) The primary reason why I didn’t keep Z690 as an option is because DDR5 is too expensive for the performance it offers vs DDR4 and the availability issues for DDR5. And Z690 Premium which are very expensive boards from all vendors utilize DDR5 only. Plus this is the Intel’s first new design so did not want to dabble in the first adopter market of DDR5, Big Little and PCIe5.0.

@Alessa if you have any of the Maximus XIII Z590 boards - Hero / Apex / Extreme you can get the beta 1202 BIOS from HWbot here it has Win7/XP support as mentioned in the thread, so that means instead of A5 BSOD the board will boot up Windows 7 is my presumption.

@Alessa @Win7Ashtrix
It is gigabyte z690 gaming x d4,we also test on MSI pro z690-a and ASUS z690-p,both of them can work on win7 and win8.1.

@Win7Ashtrix @canonkong

It is definitely related to Windows 7 not being able to recognize the M.2/NVMe slots. Looks what happens when I use a PCIe slot with an external NVMe add-in card. It works. Plug and play. No user action required.

I have a MSI pro z690-a, and I can’t get windows 7 installed.

Do you have instructions how to get it to work?

All the usb ports are not working on my MSI pro z690-a.

Intel parts not working…

USB controller is 8086&DEV_7AE0
base system _464F
ethernet controller _15F3
pci controller _467D
pci device _7AA4
pci simple _7AE8
smbus _7AA3
video _4680

hello canonkong
I am currently using Windows 7 with the Z390 Dark with no problems through a USB 3 driver modified by Canong Kong.
Is it possible to install and use Windows 7 on Z690 using the same driver?

Windows 7 on the Intel Alder Lake/Z690 platform
Core i7 12700K + MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4

@dricks @canonkong and all involved , Thanks a bunch all for putting this together . I now have working usb on my asus z390-p (dev_A36D )

Hello dear canonkong !
Or can you tell me how to install win7 on a gigabyte z690 with an external video card in csm mode. I have a clean original win7 sp1 image, how should it be modified?

P.S. I tried several builds, but the result is deplorable, bsod a5 although CSM is enabled and XHCI is disabled

Hi, everybody! Tell me, who knows if there are drivers (mods) for a USB controller Win7:


Mainboard: H410M S2
Chipset: ID9B63
CPU: Intel Core@ i3-10100

Could you tell me what happened to the download link? I tried another driver from daniel_k, but it doesn’t support the B360 chipset.


Old archived version of thread has a Yandex link to the file. You can still download it outside of archive.org, the .7z is still on Yandex.

Good evening the password link driver?

Disable RAID in BIOS to detected M2 NVME DISC

Hi there!
I found this thread forum in google. I have a Gigabyte H310M - S2 motherboard, and all drivers win7-64 for that. USB3 too.

First need PS/2 keyboard
B. DVD-ROM with disc drivers from link


For what?
Intel’s USB 3.0/3.1 drivers do not belong to the so-called "Intel Chipset Drivers", which are simple text files and natively work with all 32/64bit Windows Operating Systems (no modification necessary).

OK, i expected much, but Malware inside ???
Pls explain!

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From that link I downloaded a package with different size, extension and SHA-256 than the ones displayed in the image you posted:

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Can someone please direct me to the USB-C drivers for win7 NVIDIA GTX16XX ?

Thank You


Please give us an explanation!