[SOLVED]7090MFF active intel AMT(Vpro) intel FIT error

I dump 7090mff bios image with programmer.(i5 11500T CPU&Q570)

I used ME Analyzer software request the firmware info like follow…

when I use FIT,I get some error like this.


Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?It was FIT version too low??
I saw that link…but Can anyone know the detail??

You can take EFS and MFS from ME update of latest bios update for DELL 7090, Corp H isn’t part of the repository yet.

The post said"manually clean their initialized File Systems (MFS, EFS) by replacing those regions with the same stock ones.",Can you tell me the detail?I unpacked the bin file and get efs and mfs,can you tell me then what to do? I found the Corp H file like follow.
efs&mfs.zip (309.7 KB)
CSME 15.0 COR H B v15.0.41.2158.rar (5.4 MB)
7090mff_bin_html.zip (1.0 KB)
I unpacked the CSME 15.0 COR H B v15.0.41.2158.bin file, get the efs/mfs, copy and replace them in 7090mff.bin,and then how to package to one file?

For the bios dump use a hex editor, Start address and length of MFS EFS via UEFIToolNE.

Thanks for your reply.
I use UEFIToolNE to found the start adrress[00410000] and length[00010000]
FPT partition | Data | 00410000 | 00010000 | ABDD254D | — EFS
But I don’t know what to do after this…
I will looking for the method to replacing EFS region.
Thank you anyway…



Delete the block in firmware
Select all in the stock EFS (Ctrl-A)
Copy (Ctrl-C)
Paste into firmware at 0x410000, cursor should still be in right position

Should be enough with EFS!

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Really appreciate of you!According to your method, I succeeded!After do that, Fit will no error messag

I using [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization - Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum method and actived intel AMT(Vpro)!

But I use ME analyzer check outimage.bin,got the following results.The file system state do not show “configured”.

But no influence,I flash it back to mainboard and succeeded!
Is it necessary to run [fpt -greset] command?
Thanks for your selfless help!
It is because of you and other selfless people that this community is so popular!

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A payed tool with component/modules/tools from this forum/devs… thats great! You the seller owner?
Really not my concern but i wouldn’t do such post in respect to the forum/devs.

Thank you bro,
you’re right in that and i have deleted the post don’t want to offend any one here

Dear Sir How You Unpack the Repository Bin File

Hello,I use HXD editor(https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/).