[Solved] Asus K55VM / R500VM (rev. 2.0) BIOS Recovery


After updating to version 211 the computer booted and seemed fine.

Then, after entering BIOS, loading defaults and saving & exit, it stopped booting. Some LEDs (Wlan, HDD, Numlk + Capslk) flash, but that’s it.

Using Ctrl+Home does cause HDD/DVD access, but that stops and again - nothing happens.

I bought a CH341a flasher and found a bios dump of version 201, and after flashing the computer boots but the SN is gone (…1234567…) and the SLIC is gone. After updating to 211 using EZFlash the LAN is also gone. I reverted to 201 for now.

I made a full dump using the flasher of the BAD bios (attached).

How can I make a working image file or edit the current bios to add the missing parts back.

Or maybe it’d be better to go for version 206

I tried using UEFITool and read a few guides, but couldn’t really find how to extract the parts I need, let alone put them back in the “virgin” image.

I prefer a to do it myself, but if it’s easier/better for someone else to just create a file for me to flash - that’s obviously fine.


K55VM.rar (3.56 MB)


I used the method from here to replace the NVRAM GUID with the module from the file I downloaded from ASUS (211) using MMTool ( . (edit: in the backup of the “corrupted” bios)

Flashed it using the CH341a Programmer - and it worked! SN, SLIC and MAC all present!

can someone check my old bios dump file and make a clean file for flashing? many thanks:) it’s an ASUS K55VM rev. 2.0 board

Bios_backup.rar (3.58 MB)