[Solved] Bricked Aorus X5V7 BIOS.

I was backingup the bios with different software versions and verifying it. I clicked AUTO at some point of time mistakenly thereby corrupting it. I have 3 backups one with FPT(6 mb) , CH341a1.29(8 mb) , Ch341afree(8mb). Each of the programmers identified the chip differently with the others. CH341a both leds(red & yellow)glow without even connecting to the USB if AC power is supplied to the laptop & connected with SOIC cable. But on connecting to a USB port only RED led glows continously. Yellow led glows only if threre is some read or write operation going on. I tried flashing the backups but verifcation is always failing. I could see the chip as MX25L6406EI12G by inspecting the motherboard. It has BIOS1 label engraved near it. I havent yet performed the 3.3V fix also. I honestly dont even understand where to start to unbrick the bios!

Nevermind issue solved. Finally I flashed the biosdump with CH341a version 1.34 and it got verified too. Connected the battery back and voila it felt so good to see the aorus booting logo. Intel ME is also fine. Strangely gtx 1070 temp is ramping up like crazy while gaming if I provide AC supply. It gets above 90C and BSOD occurs. Is the vbios borked or what? Are there any more red flags to check ?

@dinosnore :
It is fine, that you were able to restore a working BIOS yourself - enjoy it!