[SOLVED] Can I flash the BIOS without removing the BIOS/CMOS battery?


As the title said, I want to flash my bricked BIOS with USB Programmer. but should I remove the CMOS battery first or not? I want to know if it can breaks the part of the board or something.

Thank you for reading.

Well… if some one could guess the system/motherboard…maybe that had a similar experience dont u thinK? Or should they guess it? Just watch the ton of info they u provide… unbelievable.
Its never the same for all motherboards/spi, further info on the schematics/spi, so digg it!

It’s a laptop (lenovo g40-45), there’s ton of info that says i do not need and need… i dont know which one is correct, so i asked this question here, in this forum. please enlighten me.

There u go u got tons of info… ur enlightened or wait for some users that had experience in that model and has done it already.

Because of me desperately in need of the device, I did the flash method with ch341a anyway.
the result is that… - *** It is OKAY to flash with the CMOS battery plugged in *** -
well, atleast for my laptop. I don’t know about others tho.

Have a good day.